Search Engine Optimization

We help your business appear higher in search results on  Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

Is your business getting found online?

Is your business showing up in searches by potential clients?  Do you know where your business ranks and why?  In today’s business world it’s not enough to simply have a website.  Your website needs to occupy a visible place a the top of search engine results.  With Search Engine Optimization services from Up & Running we can help increase your visibility, gain more traffic and leads, and sprint ahead of your local competition.

Stand out with SEO services from Up & Running

Informed by data

SEO is like an ongoing race between you and your competitors and it can make a huge difference in your business.  One of the best ways to win that race is to understand the data.  Data is at the heart of our SEO offering from the actions we take to boost your site to the detailed reporting into key benchmarks in your dashboard. 

Driven by results

We are as focused on results as you are.  An SEO campaign only makes sense if it provides a return on your investment.  That’s why we are focused on conversions, whether it is more traffic to your site, obtaining the first page or top spot in search engines, increased online form submissions, or calls/visits to your business.

Tailored to your business

Every business is different and your goals reflect that.  We offer a range of different features and services to accommodate your unique business situation, objectives, and budget.  Let us tailor a plan for you.

We take care of everything

Give us a call or contact us to start the conversation.  We are can determine if an SEO campaign is right for your business.  From there, we take the ball and run with it, helping plan a smart strategy to implement across your website.  

A tailored long-term strategy to achieve and hold top results


Rise above your competition and drive more traffic to your site


Full reporting suite to track your progress and measure ROI


Provide value to your visitors and gain traction through content based SEO strategy

It's Easy.