Brand Bootcamp Sessions

Discover your voice. Hone your message.  Tell your story.

Is your brand in top shape?

The old saying still stands – content is king. In today’s marketing world, more brands then ever are vying for attention. Your message matters now more than ever.  Your brand’s story is what will set you apart and it’s just as much what you say as how you say it. Fortunately, Up & Running can help you up your game on both fronts. Through our Brand Bootcamp Sessions we take a deep dive into your company, your products/services, and your clients.

Through a series of hands-on audits, interviews, and conversations we identify your core values, your client avatar, your brand’s tone, and your unique value proposition. This is then synthesized into engaging text content designed to serve as the foundation of your communication efforts across mediums.

The end result – you gain in-depth understanding into your BRAND, your story, and the solutions you provide for your target demographic. You emerge fully equipped to tell your companies story with clarity and confidence.

Components of our Brand Bootcamp

Our Bootcamp is an in-depth process geared towards any entity looking to shape-up and improve their brand and marekting communications. 


Brand Strategy Brief

 The blueprint for your marketing and content 

After our initial discovery and deep-dive interviews, we produce a detailed PDF reference document outlining your company, your audience (who), your key messaging anchors (what), and your voice (how).  Not only will this guide the writing of your actual content in step 2, this document is an essential resource for any company engaged in marketing.


Foundation Copy

Inspiring and epic word magic

Using your Brand Strategy Brief as a springboard we jump into writing and refining the new story of your brand.  After live feedback sessions, you emerge with your Foundation Copy – highly engaging and inspiring text content geared specifically to your audience. While we encourage this sparkling new content to be used across any marketing channel, it is perfectly formatted to dovetail right into your existing website or a website redesign project complete with a sitemap, call-to-action text, headings, and paragraphs. 


Ongoing Strategy (optional)

Plan your work. We identify long-term marketing opportunities and help you set goals, prioritize action, and employ highly considered marketing decsions based on data.

Work your plan.  We are there at every juncture with fresh, consistent, and effective content to help crush your goals.


A touchstone for all future marketing


Clarifies your business voice, messaging, and brand


Identifies your client, their problems, and your solution


Contributes to consistent & uniform communication

It's Easy.