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VISIONBank is a locally-owned community bank that was started 13 years ago by a team of experienced bankers who were committed to providing exceptional service and building an organization that would never lose that small town bank connection to its clients. Walk into the lobby of one of the VISIONBank locations and you will think you were walking into the great room of a home – fireplace, grand piano, a fridge that customers can find their favorite pop and even a couple of friendly black Labradors named Scout and Piper that come to work everyday. Occasionally you might have to duck as the President of the bank might be throwing a pass to one of the younger patrons of the bank that stopped in to run a few pass patterns in the lobby using the desks as imaginary defenders. Such is the feel of a home town bank that hosts a live broadcast of Steve’s Sports Saturday radio show on Saturday mornings while a prayer group meets regularly in a conference room on the other side of the lobby. VISIONBank was founded on a very fundamental principle – ‘Getting it Done’ and it shows in their commitment to their clients, their employees and in their community involvement.

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